Communication solutions for medias, broadcasters and advertising agencies

VoxTel maintains a proprietary carrier-level platform unique in Canada.

inVox Unified Communications integrates wireless and landline telephone networks with VoxTel's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. It consists of specialized marketing activation products for acquisition/retention customers campaigns, specifically designed for advertising and media agencies.

inVox Unified Communications products are adapted for online or offline brand monetization of marketing activation effort, with or without telephone billing, supported by a call to action, like drawing lots, contests, votings, informations and more.

Reach optimal conversion during your marketing activation campaigns with:

  • Engage your audience with rich interactive communications

    Enhance your media platform with diversified means of communications with your audience

  • Bridge the gap between ad and conversion

    Track your ad campaigns across every media with call-tracking

    Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Connect with consumers on the go

    Target offers to mobile consumers according to their geographic location

    Matching Zone
  • Simplify and accelerate the process

    Offer a modern and low-cost votation experience

    InVox Votation