Geo-fencing/Geolocation solution for loyalty/acquisition mobile campaign

Matching Zone - VoxTel Products

Match Zone

Connect with mobile consummers on the go

Increase retention and revenues for your brands with mobile campaigns targeted by geolocation and behavioral data from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database.

Matching Zone - VoxTel Products

Match Zone is a loyalty/acquisition customer experience product, based on a set of proprietary inVox Unified Communications solutions, with an activation program coupled to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database. It gets involved directly in your activation campaigns to provide a personalized and memorable customer experience to wireless consumers.

Match Zone interacts with consumers in virtual spaces around predefined geographical locations across Canada. Wireless consumers can easily opt-in to receive tailored offers for their favorite brands on their mobile phone.

Matching Zone - VoxTel Products

Customize mobile communications

Match Zone offers a wide range of highly personalized mobile communications:

  • Detection of the mobile visitors' phone number when browsing your brands' websites
  • Customer "Preferences" update in CRM
  • Bidirectional communications with every generation of wireless device
  • Personalized brand offers sent out through SMS, MMS, voicemail or email
  • CRM campaign management tools on the Match Zone portal, such as analysis capabilities, reporting and automatic activation of customizable offers

How it works

  1. Consumer opts-in to receive offers for his favorite brands
  2. Consumer is detected near a store predefined as an eligible geographic zone
  3. VoxTel fetches his client profile and compares it to the criterias of existing offers
  4. VoxTel sends a promotional code on his mobile phone, redeemable instore for a rebate during the next hour