Monetisation and phone billing solutions

inVox Unified Communications is VoxTel's proprietary platform developed since its inception in 1991. It integrates Mobile and Landline networks to put users’ charges directly on their carrier telephone account when accessing to an Application Service Provider (ASP) service.

The power of inVox Unified Communications resides in its unique blending of billing technologies with Internet and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications to answer a Call to action like purchases, recurring subscriptions, voting, contests, chats, dating, hot-lines, charity giving, and more!

inVox Unified Communications provides specialized billing applications custom-built and adaptable toward every monetizing effort aiming to optimal conversion into marketing activation campaign and retention campaign reaching out to/for customer.

  • Get paid by phone

    Diversify your payment options with phone billing

    DTMP Carrier Billing
  • Accept charity giving

    All-in-one donation product for registered charities in Canada

  • Convert free local calls into revenue

    Commute free calls to your premium phone services

    Transfer On Call
  • Improve loyalty with personalized pricings

    Dynamic pricing personalized by CRM on one single phone number

    One Number Experience