SMS Mobile Communications SMS are short text messages exchanged with mobile phones. They can be sent from a mobile phone to a reception server, from mobile to mobile phones, or from a messenging server to many or a single mobile phone.

VoxTel primarely uses SMS to communicate with users regarding their phone payments, by sending confirmations or validation PINs.

Our media solution for broadcasters also allows brand managers and broadcasters to easily create and manage their own bulk SMS to their audience. Learn more about the Broadcaster portal.

SMS generally incur fees from 25¢ to 50¢ to users, but several mobile services offer unlimited SMS packages.

There are also premium-rate SMS, which incur additional costs and can be used to pay for purchases. VoxTel prefers to use other phone billing solutions with more pricing flexibility, better customer experience, more security, less chargebacks and better conversion rates than premium-rate SMS, which translates into higher reversion rates for our clients. However, VoxTel is able to emulate premium-rate SMS billing by combining carrier billing with regular SMS.