About VoxTel

Street view of VoxTel's offices in Montreal A major player in Canadian telecommunications VoxTel is a Canadian telecom company established in 1991 and a pioneer in the development of IVR applications, web applications and carrier billing for mobile and landline phones. VoxTel has reached international notoriety as one of the major players in the Canadian telecommunications industry, and is now a Canadian phone carrier since 2007.

Pushing technological boundaries has always been VoxTel’s philosophy when designing products, system architectures, and secured interconnections to its partners' telecommunications networks. VoxTel's strength comes from ongoing investments in human capital, with an experience team of collaborators attentive to the needs of the information and communication industry, and dedicated to provide the best customer experience.

Pioneer in Interactive Voice Response applications

VoxTel launches its activities in 1991, and quickly becomes a pioneer in Interactive Voice Response applications developpement in Canada. VoxTel works in partnership with Gesca media group and nearly 80% of all newspaper publications in Quebec, to provide phone dating applications.

In 1997, VoxTel becomes one of the first canadian company to successfully integrate web and phone platforms in its applications, by creating Québec Rencontres, the very first dating website in Quebec. The service quickly becomes the largest dating network in Quebec, with both web and phone dating services in synergy. This technology provides VoxTel's clients and affilates with added value for their services, and leads to the creation of a VoxTel division entirely dedicated to bring phone billing solutions to businesses.

VoxTel obtains the Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) Type III status in 2007, also known as non-dominant Canadian carrier. Ever since, VoxTel complies with CRTC requirements to operate a direct carrier billing solution.

In 2009, VoxTel begins to expand its phone billing capabilities to smart and non-smart wireless devices, by signing multiple agreements with Canadian mobile carriers, to establish direct connections to their billing platforms.

VoxTel builds a solid reputation over the years, and becomes a respected player of the telecommunications industry in Canada and worldwide, for its ethics towards CRTC and CWTA regulations.

To fulfill market needs, VoxTel combines telecommunications and internet technologies into unified communications. This research and development lead to the integration of numerous business solutions and carrier billing into a powerful and unique proprietary platform: inVox Unified Communications.

Today, inVox Unified Communications platform is part of interconnected network across Canada, enabling VoxTel to bill direct charges to phone accounts of all major canadian phone carriers, such as TELUS, Bell, Vidéotron, Sasktel, Alliant, Télébec, Sogetel, MTS, Cogéco, and many more.